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Daniel Thirion International



  • ​Assessment of procurement operations in place

  • Assistance in public procurement management reform

  • Definition & Conduct of Training Programs

  • Assistance in Critical Bid Evaluations

  • Conduct of Independent Procurement Reviews

  • Conduct Technical Audits



Daniel Thirion International (DTI Inc.) is a corporation registered in Arizona since 1988. As a consulting firm, DTI, with its earlier background offers high level expertise in procurement and contract management, especially in the fields of construction, civil works, and rural development. Since 1995, DTI developed an expertise in public procurement while working for international financing institutions and a large number of their beneficiary governments in Latin America, the Carribean, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.



It is our mission statement to bring the best of our efforts and talents in our fields of expertise, to fully   serve our Clients, one at a time.

We are dedicated to assisting our Clients in reaching their goals beyond expectations, mobilizing the most competent staff fully loyal to the Clients' objectives.

Trust and Expertise matter.

We deliver.

DTI is dedicated to assisting its Clients in reaching their goals, providing high level expertise and quality services by the upmost competent staff fully loyal to the Clients' objectives.




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