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Why a sound procurement?


As a management tool, good procurement procedures and practices are key elements in bringing all the components of wise and efficient project management in any organization. Because they also create and regulate a mechanism of interactions between the public authorities and the national economic operators, sound procurement procedures will provide the elements for good governance and better practice in the management of public funds.


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DTI is dedicated in assisting its Clients in reaching their goals, providing high level expertise and quality services by the most competent staff fully loyal to the Clients' objectives.

Create a competitive system that fairly rewards the best performing companies. Such a system will tend to be conducive to a general improvement of the quality, efficiency, and accountability of the business environment.


Set the base for balances contracting relations with sound and explicit requirements, rights, and obligations.

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Reduce the risk of non-performing parties

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Set the base for an effective and rigorous monitoring and evaluation of performance

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Provide the means to ensure the proper use of funds and resources.

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Combat corruption, which would eventually be destructive of any sort of management.

The Keys to Achieve an Efficient Procurement Management System


Create clear and sound rules &regulations for an effective and rigorous competitive process.


Apply good planning in defining schedules, simplified but compliant methods, and adequate packaging of contracts.


Insure accurate tendering documents with complete instructions for bidding participation, qualifications criteria and basis for award, specifications, applicable future contract conditions, etc.


Insure transparent and formal procedure through effective information to all parties, and set up of consistent proceedings.


Provide adequate information to bidders to promote their participation and to insure their good understanding of the selection process.


Insure a competent procurement management by knowledgeable and experimented professionals.

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