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DTI Inc. was founded in 1988 by Daniel E. Thirion, a Belgian civil engineer and registered professional engineer in Arizona. Daniel Thirion acquired a large experience in the management at the executive level of an international general contracting firm.
Daniel Thirion
Founder & Executive Director
Marie Thirion
Project Officer


From the start-up, DTI offered its services in engineering and contract management. Daniel Thirion soon found a development through the assistance to international financing institutions and their beneficiary government agencies in their management of development projects worldwide. In that context, procurement management proved to be a major key to the success of the contract management agencies or other project management units.


Starting in 1995, Mr. Thirion became in charge of the procurement and contract management of a large reconstruction project in Haiti under an Inter-American Development Bank financed project. Since, 1999, Mr. Thirion provides consulting services to the World Bank and other major multilateral development institutions, their member country governments, procurement regulatory agencies, and also contract manager agencies as delegated contracting authorities.


DTI is dedicated in assisting its Clients in reaching their goals, providing high level expertise and quality services by the most competent staff fully loyal to the Clients' objectives.

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